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Who We Are

Global Immigrant Community

It is a flat world and everybody has the right to choose the best place to spend their lives and raise their families. We could not choose where we were born but we can choose where we want to live. Immigrant Bees is where all immigrants come together and help each other achieve well-deserved lives.

No Barriers

We speak different languages, come from different countries, live in different cultures, but there should be no barriers between us. We all share the same nature that is hard working as the Bees. As all the Bees come together, we are going to make a very strong community which is going to benefit all members of it.

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What We Do

Help New Immigrants

As a new immigrant, there are many challenges to face. However, you don't have to face them all alone. Even though not everybody comes to a new country having friends and family to support them, Immigrant Bees will always be there to connect you with other iBees who are more than eager to help... starting from the moment you arrive at the ports until you are strong enough on your feet and ready to give back and help other iBees.

Filter The Noise

Members of Immigrant Bees are going through a verification process before being identified as licensed consultants, experts, technicians, brokers, instructors, coach etc. with proven track records and success stories. Your questions or problems are going to be addressed with significantly higher accuracy and reliance.

Promote Your Business

According to Harvard Business Review, immigrants are more entrepreneurial. As "immigration policies in many countries favour highly motivated and capable individuals", immigrant entrepreneurs bring with them cross-cultural experiences to the other borders which increases their capabilities to identify promising business ideas. With all the challenges awaiting an immigrant entrepreneur ahead, Immigrant Bees is here to walk with you through all those challenges, help you grow your business, and bring your business closer and more visible to your target customers.

Listen to Your Stories

Sometimes we just want to be heard. Immigrant Bees always listen without judgment. What the Bees do is to cheer and lift each other up, give each other strength, and fight together.

High Fives
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